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The Creation Mandate - God's Call to Work

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The Kingdom Entrepreneur Series

"There are specific biblical principles and practices I want to share that have helped us become successful. With so many active participants in this work, it's become more of a lifestyle for many

of us, so there are stories I'd like to share about that as well. But mainly, I hope to give you a sense

of what's possible if you will commit to God the resources that are His alone, and allow me to

introduce you to this inspiring way to build on many of the ideas you probably already know, but

just may not have fully lived out yet."

- Rylee Meek

What does it mean to live life in the “Kingdom Economy”?

For entrepreneurs, one of the most painful scenarios we face is to be presented

with an opportunity to contribute to a cause for Kingdom Advancement, and

not possess the resources to supply for that need.

Kingdom Entrepreneurs know they were created by God and given the ability

to produce wealth in order to confirm His covenant throughout the earth.

Therefore, they willingly engage in the battle of business, continually

conquering new territories bringing the spoils of the world back

into the Kingdom… The Kingdom Economy.

The 7-Day Blueprint: God's Proven Template reveals God's proven template

to creating fruitful relationships, successful businesses, and a fulfilling life.  

God's Word contains creative power and His playbook starts in the

book of Genesis. The first thing God reveals about Himself in Scripture

is not that He is loving, holy, all-knowing, omnipotent, gracious, or even

just. No, the first thing God shows us is that He is creative! In Genesis,

He brings something out of nothing. He brings order out of chaos.

And He creates for the good of others!

Before the Bible tells us that God is loving, holy, or merciful, we learn that He is creative.

He created the Heavens and the Earth! He was the first entrepreneur. And having been

made in His image, it's no wonder we have a deep desire to continue to co-create,

alongside the original creator. By doing so, we are fulfilling part of our God-given calling

on this earth. With this understanding, how then, can we apply this into our everyday life?

In his second book in the Kingdom Entrepreneur series, Rylee Meek builds on the

lessons in book one, The 7-Day Blueprint, which revealed God's proven template

to creating fruitful relationships, successful businesses, and a fulfilling life.

The Creation Mandate: God's Call to Work lays out the Bible's teachings on work, and

the original command in Genesis 1:28, to be fruitful and multiply. Understanding that

this command is so much more than just reproducing, the overarching mandate of

subduing the earth and having dominion assumes we are operating within The

Kingdom Culture. With this revelation, this book will lay out what living a biblically

successful life looks like, as well as guide you to step into your true kingdom-sized

calling in this world.

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RYLEE MEEK is the host of The King's Council Podcast and founder of The

King's Council - a non-profit ministry that serves as an extension of the local

church, whose mission is to disciple Christian entrepreneurs to increase the

tithe and initiate radical generosity for the purpose of Kingdom advancement

here on earth.

Having built multiple companies, generating more than nine figures over the

past decade, Rylee is on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible

gain clarity and create massive acceleration in their businesses and brands,

by equipping them with the tools, systems, and frameworks necessary to

discover, develop & deploy their God-given visions into the marketplace.

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